About Brian

Brian Ach tells moving stories with still pictures.

Blurring the lines between editorial and commercial photography, Brian possesses a unique skill set enabling him to excel at both.

A people photographer at heart, his easy-going manner, generous personality and skill at quickly connecting with subjects allows him to create

the portraits that make him in demand by musicians, celebrities, art directors and magazine photo editors from NY to Paris.

From traveling with Prince as his European tour photographer to documenting James Gandolfini's family vacations,

Brian's low-key presence allows him to dissolve into the story, to be on the inside looking out.

His work has been seen in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, WORTH,

Newsweek, TIME, Bon Appetit, NY Magazine, GQ, BMW Roundel, Travel and Leisure, and countless others.

Brian is based in NYC, but in 30 minutes can be on a plane headed to Egypt.

(OK, maybe 45 minutes)

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